What Are The Duties Involved While Working As A Production Planner?

Production planning is an integral part of any organization. The material recording is one of the duties that aids to track product information. It helps in keeping a supply chain and business on schedule. These professionals assure proper scheduling, inventory control, and recordkeeping. This post will discuss the job description and duties that have to be performed by a production planner.

Duties of a production planner

Production planner professionals perform a wide range of tasks in an organization:

  • Keeps track of all the items that are shipped, obtained, or transferred to any other location
  • Form reports on different aspects of modifications in inventory or production
  • Search, sort, or displace goods between varying parts of a business
  • Check all inventory records for precision
  • The material recording is done to keep accurate track of inventory. It detects where and when products are displaced, enabling clerks to maintain updated reports without any need to manually count items.
  • Compilation of reports on the work progress and production issues that arise. They need to set estimate cost, workers’ schedules, tracking materials, and drafting special order for brand new materials.

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Ways To Become A Good Production Planner

In order to be a capable production planner, it is required to fulfill a set of criteria. Production planning requires a high school degree or an equivalent education. These clerks should know the basics of computer applications like spreadsheet software.

Besides academic qualification, material recording clerks are required to have gone through training on the job. This training could be less for a few months that would help them to learn and get proficiency in the work. A supervisor or a highly experienced worker would require to train new clerks.

Important Qualities needed in a Production planner

Besides education and training, there are a few attributes that are required to be present in a production planner.

  • Communication skills
  • Customer-service skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Math skills


Production planning helps to efficiently manage the information flow, work, and materials in an office or among offices in a business. Learning about this detailed explanation about the roles and duties of a production planner will prepare you for a successful career.