Tips for Determining the Best Packaging Boxes for Your Application

Choosing the right size packaging boxes will ensure that any items you’re storing or sending will be adequately protected. There are many shipping and storage boxes on the market, but not all are made equally, making it important that you choose the right box that will be appropriate for your needs. This article will go over some tips and strategies you can use to dramatically streamline the process of choosing the best packaging boxes for your application.

Determine What the Box Will be Used For

Different packaging boxes will perform better in different situations and applications. The first step to determining which box is right for the application is to think about what the box will be used for.

  • Storage – If you’re looking for packaging boxes purely for storage purposes, you’ll want to ensure the box is sealed tightly, meaning the edges and corners don’t have gaps or open seams in them that will allow dust, mould and other particles to settle on top of your items for long periods. It’s also important that you think about how delicate and valuable the items you’re storing are. Items such as vintage musical instruments and one-of-a-kind decor can seldom be restored to their former condition once damaged or discoloured.
  • Moving – Boxes for moving items will need to be sturdy as well as large enough to accommodate a high volume of items being stored inside them during transit. This can be especially critical for transporting awkwardly shaped items, as the box will need to be big enough to conform to the shape whilst also providing adequate protection.
  • Shipping – You can take a bit more liberty when it comes to choosing packaging boxes for shipping items, as you’ll more likely than not be wrapping the items themselves in other protective materials in addition to the box adding protection. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also choose a box that’s durable and protective itself though, as the more protection during transit, the better.

Measure the Item

Once you’ve determined the application of the packaging boxes, you should try to measure your items as accurately as possible. In some cases, you’ll easily be able to identify by eye alone whether or not a box will be large enough to accommodate the item you wish to store or transport. However, some items will require a higher degree of scrutiny and accuracy in order to determine which box will suit them best.

Measuring is not only important for finding a box that’s big enough to accommodate your items, but it’s also important for ensuring you don’t buy packaging boxes that are too big. Boxes that are larger than necessary can cause damage and other complications during transit or storage.

Get a Second Opinion

If you’re still not sure which packaging boxes are appropriate for your needs, you can always seek the second opinion of a trusted friend, family member or even a packaging professional. You can do this by taking a photo of the items and contacting any local packaging and shipping company in your area. Most will be happy to assist. Friends and family members can also serve as a great way to get a more objective view, and they may even have past experience storing or shipping the items you’re dealing with.