Dental Office Equipment Dental Set

The dental set from medical equipment metal fabrication services consists of a series of essential items so that your appointments can be carried out safely and comfortably for your patient.

They are essential equipment, which should exist in any clinic or office, and therefore, they should be the first ones you should purchase.

Meet each one now and plan your first steps!

Dental Chair

Purchasing dental chairs for a clinic can include the chair or form an entire dental unit, including the standard handpiece equipment (micromotor, contra-angle piece, turbine, ultrasound, etc.), along with other essential elements such as control panels, autoclaves, water stills, glass filling, etc.

Control Panel And Footswitch

The command panels can be presented in two versions, one with individual and multifunctional buttons and the other with a joystick, just like a video game controller. The difference between them is the practicality that each one offers, and you can try them out before opting for one.

The pedal, a piece of dental equipment that can speed up any service, is responsible for determining the chair’s movements, as well as the reflector, as well as the start and interruption of each device.

Team Table

The equipment table is an essential piece of equipment for a dentistry office and makes your work more practical. It serves as a stand for your instruments and lets you pick them up quickly without contaminating them on more ergonomic models.

On the equipment table, you can place the sterilized tray, syringes, and hoses so that you can adequately attend.


The suction machine is equipment that has a vat that can be taken to the autoclave for sterilization. It is a potent suction device, allowing better visibility of the patient’s mouth during care. The best suction cups have rotating vats, and some models also have attached bottles.


The reflector is essential because it is with it that you can see your patient’s mouth and have the proper lighting for your care. Always prefer reflectors that have LED lamps, which are more economical and do not heat up. One of the best options in the dental market today is the reflector with LED+ technology.

As this type of lamp does not emit blue light, it becomes more suitable for the dental environment, mainly because it is with the blue light of conventional LED that resin polymerization is carried out.

Dental Owl

One of the essential equipment for a dental office. The stool allows you to treat your patient comfortably. A swivel seat, backrest, height adjustment, and casters allow you to maintain a correct posture while treating your patient, preventing spinal injuries.