3 Types of Materials Used for Making Locker Rooms

The kind of materials you lockers are made of is really important. All you want is durability for keeping the need of replacements at bay. There are also many factors like costs, visual appeal and resistance to humidity. Here are the types of materials used for making locker rooms.

  • Wood lockers

These lockers are of furniture quality and are really durable. They work quite well when installed in athletics, stadiums, sports team, and upscale country clubs and gyms. You can choose the raw natural wooden look or select from a number of stains ranging from cherry to maple, or a premium glossy clear coasts for a classy finish. You can also have the core of the locker be industrial grade particleboard with a wood veneer finish on the locker. The wood veneer offers the classiness of a solid wood locker but is a cheaper option.

  • Plastic Lockers

Plastic lockers are quite durable, cheap and quiet. You can also choose plastic laminate lockers. There are many kinds of material can make plastic laminate lockers. The core of the locker can be composed by Industrial Grade Particle Board, Thermal Fused Melamine or Medium Density Fiberboard. Plastic laminate lockers are best for humid locker room design guide. They don’t rust and are totally waterproof. It also extremely durable and resistant to scratches. Plastic laminates are available in two grades: vertical and horizontal. They are available in colored finishes and also in textured, matte, glossy, or realistic wood grain. They are also very versatile locker material which is ideal for many industries. To know more on plastic lockers or other plastic product manufacturing, visit this website.

  • Metal Lockers

Mostly all lockers are made of metal. These lockers are produced in masses at a cheap rate. As they are mass produced, you can only have them at preset dimensions and must fit in with whatever size it is available in. metal lockers usually arrive at job site knocked down or KD. In other words you get a pallet full of parts and a huge bag of nuts and bolts. When it comes to working with metal lockers, know that there are various factors involved like cost of the materials, freight, jobsite assembly and installation. Some people compliant that they are noisy when opening or closing the locker doors. And there are also not many color options available.